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SHL 124 LED Surgical Veterinary Surgical Light




Device used for providing a specialized source of light for illumination of a site of medical intervention.It provides a high intensity,high colour rendering field of light that minimizes shadows and the emission of heat.Adjustable operating field diameter with focus

Long service life: Halogen generally is 1000hours. LED over 50000 hour

Multi joints arm system,stably suspending,and moving

smoothy,height for 2300-2600mm.operating theater.

1.Cool output LED light source

2.Excellent cold light:adopting LEDas light source,without temperaturerising. Excellent daylight quality andCRI meet the illumination needs ofthe doctors.

3.50,000 hour rated LED life.

4.Energy saving and environment-friendly.

5.12 months warranty


SHL 124 LED series ceiling LEDOperation shadowless lamp

Illumination at 1m(lux)≥100000
Color temperature(K)4800±300
Illumination depth(mm)≥500
Size of light field(mm)160-220
Rated power of bulb3.2V/1W(32pcs led bulb)
Power supply voltage                                220V/50Hz
LED bulb life(hr)≥50000
Bulb Cold lightLamp head diameter500mm
Ceiling or wall type lowest height of installation2300-2600m


Available in ceiling, floor and wall configurations

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