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Because they can be used in conjunction with other medical technologies to treat a variety of life-threatening conditions, veterinary suction units have become an important instrument before and during treatment. At Wondcon, we offer free veterinary suction unit offshore pricing and delivery lead times. The veterinary suction unit is often used when a patient has a liquid or semi-solid obstruction in the pharynx, trachea or other oral cavity. however, the ideal suction unit may vary depending on the patient's condition.

When the patient is unable to clear respiratory secretions

To assist patients who vomit during a seizure or coma

Removal of blood from the airway

Removal of foreign bodies from the patient's trachea and/or lungs (lung aspiration)

Patients with cats, dogs, or other animals that require ongoing treatment

If patients are unable to remove their own secretions for various reasons, they may need to use a portable veterinary suction unit at home. this includes patients receiving palliative care who find it difficult or impossible to remove their own secretions, patients with chronic disease, or patients who have undergone a tracheotomy.

Before treatment (emergency treatment)

Portable veterinary suction units are very common in the prehospital setting because they play a critical role in helping emergency personnel establish the ABC (airway, breathing and circulation). In practice, prehospital providers often use portable veterinary suction units to treat a variety of patients. This includes trauma victims with blood in the airway, overdose victims with vomit in the airway, and other victims who are experiencing a respiratory emergency.

Veterinary hospitals or veterinary clinics

Most veterinary hospitals or veterinary clinics have rooms equipped with a veterinary suction unit. veterinary teams often use the veterinary suction unit as part of standard procedures, such as tracheotomies, sinus-related diseases and tonsillectomies.

Veterinary Suction Unit

The veterinary suction unit generates negative pressure, which is directed through a special plastic connecting tube called a disposable catheter. The negative pressure creates a vacuum effect that sucks any blood, mucus or similar secretions out of the throat. The secretions are then automatically dispensed into a collection tank.

In order to generate negative pressure and remove secretions, veterinary aspiration devices rely on a number of key technologies. The following is a candidate list of the most common components in veterinary aspirators:

Disposable or rechargeable batteriesThe veterinary suction unit is equipped with a powerful battery to ensure suction capability in the absence of a reliable power source.
Suction/vacuum pumpThe vacuum pump is usually located inside the veterinary suction unit. This is what causes the negative pressure and is necessary for a properly functioning veterinary suction unit.
Connection tubeThis connects the vacuum pump to the collection tank. It should not touch the contents of the collection tank.
Sterile patient catheterThe patient catheter is attached to the suction tip and delivers the patient's secretions to the collection jar. Sterile patient catheters should be properly disposed of after each aspiration.
Disposable CanistersThe disposable canister holds the patient's secretions and often provides spill protection in case too much fluid is aspirated from the patient. The canister should be disposable to ensure that all components of the veterinary suction unit remain sterile.
Power CordThe veterinary suction unit comes with a power cord that can be used to charge the machine when you are near an electrical outlet.
FiltersIdeally, the disposable canister should support the use of a bacterial/viral filter to prevent contamination of the internal components of the veterinary suction unit. Certain filters can also be used to protect against dust and dangerous gases that could damage the machine.

After calculating and applying all components, activate the machine. The user can select continuous or intermittent suction mode and adjust the suction level to ensure removal of all secretions.

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