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Large Pet & Animal Cages For Shelters, Dog Daycares, And Groomers

At Wondcon, we provide a wide range of high-quality, sturdy vet cages crafted with heavy-gauge stainless steel. Our hand-welded, stainless-steel animal clinic cages are easy to clean, leak-resistant, and come in various dimensions for small and large animal clients. Wondcon animal holding cages are created in sturdy 16 or 18-gauge steel that will never warp and provide long-term security for several years ahead.

Packed with varied advantages, our sturdy galvanized steel animal cages take on the daily needs of any animal treatment facility.

Pet boarding facilities, grooming stores, and animal shelters need cages with severe sturdiness and ease of use. Our customized large and small pet cages are built to buy, supplying individualized, flexible options for your company. Our skilled design group will pay attention to your desire and help you conquer your most significant company difficulties with innovative, excellent products.

High-Quality Animal Cages For Every Type Of Facility

At Wondcon, we make every effort to give long-lasting, low-maintenance pet cages that you can personalize to fit your unique needs. We recognize that every animal treatment facility is various which the needs of your business develop every day. That's why we seek advice from straight with animal professionals like you when developing as well as making our customizable interior pet kennels and pet cages for every single sort of animal facility.

You order the size of the cage and the number of cages according to your needs and the size of your hospital or clinic when you choose to buy. The difference is only in the number of cage sets, size, and whether to add, etc., plus the oxygen chamber.

Features Of Our Pet Cages

Cages ought to provide sturdiness for years ahead, from canine daycares to animal shelters. When you choose Wondcon, you can count on our galvanized and also stainless-steel animal shelter cages to keep your animals safe, clean, as well as comfortable. 

Some vital advantages of our kennel products include:

1. Cage structure is reasonable, super pressure, strong and durable.

2. Unique sliding door lock design, automatic locking, good safety.

3. Pedal mesh and cage door high frequency and high current welding, strong without welding.

4. The whole round corners of the dirt plate are designed, no dead corners are left, convenient washing.

5. Internal seamless water retaining edge, more convenient and sanitary.

6. Lower cage movable drawing board design, drawing board can be turned into a large cage.

7. The bottom moving brake wheel, quiet, wear-resistant, easy to move and fix.

8. Innovative design of cage, exquisite and chic. Optional combination, can be customized.

Kinds Of Animal Shelters Cages For Sale

Wondcon features a selection of small as well as large animal cages that meet the exceptional standards of animal treatment facilities, consisting of:

Galvanized cages: Our solid galvanized steel cages are built to last and are easy to clean. We offer small and large animal cages with custom options for your convenience.

Stainless steel cages: The cage will never fail you with its legendary toughness, audio absorption, leakage resistance, sturdy doors, and panels that withstand years of daily use without warping.

Stacked cages: These kennels provide maximum room efficiency while giving an ergonomic design that is still comfortable for the pets inside.

In the Wondcon veterinary cages for sale list, you can see that there are various combinations of the number and layers of veterinary cages, four, six, seven, eight and thirteen veterinary cages in single, double and triple layer veterinary cages, and Wondcon supports your customization!


1. The overall 304 stainless steel material, anticorrosive, acid-proof rust.

2. Cage material thickness of 1.2mm.

3. Cage door with diameter of 8mm and 6mm steel wire composition.

4. Foot mesh with diameter of 10mm and 4mm steel wire composition, connect the sewage.

5. Plate material thickness of 0.8mm. 

6. The bottom moving wheel adopts high-strength medical universal brake wheel.

Custom Animal Cages

Wondcon beginnings with a safe, sturdy base model made from galvanized steel cord, stainless-steel marine-grade joints, stainless-steel spring-loaded safety and security latches, steel braces, furniture-grade framework, and also durable casters.

Options for tailoring your cage library are included here:

Sizing1. Large or small size dimensions
2. Walk-in heights
3. Single or multiple levels
Panels & Dividers1. Middle access holes
2. Removable panels
3. Solid back panels
4. Wire or solid dividers
5. Plexiglas panels
6. Tunnels or viewing windows
Doors1. Dutch doors
2. Dual doors
3. Extra doors
4. Trap doors
5. Hamper tops
6. Padlock latches
7. One-touch slam latches
Design1. Top and side trim packages
2. Hand-polishing
3. Powder coatings to match your decor
Accessories1. Litter guards
2. Locking casters
3. Rotating bowl feeders
4. Extra wire fasteners to handle “cage biters”

Why Professional Groomers, Boarding Facilities, And Other Animal Care Providers Choose Wondcon Pet Cages

As a growing global business, our objective is always to better serve the veterinary and study equipment professional in purchasing excellent quality, cost-efficient veterinary products. Our group of engineers has focused on the features that matter most to our customers: convenience, safety, and security, simplicity of use, hygienic handling, as well as long-lasting sturdiness. Our entire line of galvanized steel animal cages and cage panels is made to withstand repeated usage in hectic animal treatment facilities like your own.

Wondcon For the Best In Animal Care Equipment

Wondcon invites you to have a free, individual examination with our animal care equipment experts. You obtain the high-grade customer support you anticipate when you work with us. Whether you are a veterinarian, need to equip an entire area with equipment for a new deluxe pet hotel, or need some new pieces for your local animal shelter, we eagerly anticipate obtaining your facility in top operating condition. Contact Us or email to talk about exactly how our durable canine kennels and also pet cages satisfy the needs of your busy animal technique.

Questions and answers you may be concerned about before you buy?

1. Is it customizable?

Yes. We can customize the size according to the customer's requirements, such as adding an oxygen chamber, adding lights, etc.   

2. How long is the warranty?

24 months after arrival.     

3. Is the material of the cage stainless steel?


4. Is the packaging of the cage strong?

Yes, very strong. We use wooden boxes and the shipping is 100% safe.

5. How can I reduce the shipping cost for purchasing cages?

When purchasing cages, we will give you advice on how many cages can be packed in a tall container, and the remaining space can be used for other veterinary products to ensure more efficient use of space and cost savings.

6. How long is the general delivery period of the cage?

The general delivery time for cages is 3 to 4 weeks. Each order is confirmed and then produced because the cage is a custom-made product.

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