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Veterinary Infusion Warmer

Wondcon offers the IV Fluid Warmer Veterinary, which heats IV fluid to a preset output temperature range of 35°C to 42°C (95 to 107.6F), 0.1°C increments. the system shuts down at 44c and the LED displays an error code and sounds an alarm.

Problems your veterinary hospital or client must avoid when investing in a veterinary fluid heater

Maintaining body temperature during and after anesthesia is very important to avoid serious consequences, such as:

Risk of shock

Risk of cardiac problems, long-term renal insufficiency ......

Hypothermia, IV Fluid Warmer Veterinary prevents the animal's body temperature from dropping too much.

IV Fluid Warmer Veterinary helps to reduce the temperature difference between the animal and the intravenous fluid. Animals need less energy to maintain their body temperature.

Application areas and benefits of IV Fluid Warmer Veterinary

Safe infusion of warm fluids

Suitable for infusion by pump or traditional gravity infusion

Easy to use

Cost-effective and durable device

No need for disposable supplies

IV Fluid Warmer Veterinary TF-III Model and TF-II Fluid Warmer Veterinary 

IV Fluid Warmer Veterinary TF-III Model


The IV Fluid Warmer Veterinary TF-III Model is an ultra-compact and lightweight heater for all intravenous fluids. It is a "dry heater" that does not come into direct contact with the fluid being heated during operation.

It transfers heat from the heat exchanger through the infusion tube to the liquid in the tubing for the purpose of continuous heating of the flowing liquid. The operator can adjust the set temperature within the range of 35℃-42℃ according to the actual needs. The heater can work automatically to the preset temperature by the built-in intelligent chip and keep constant temperature after reaching the target temperature.

IV Fluid Warmer Veterinary TF-III Model Features

Can be used for standard fluids, blood and TPN fluids

Lightweight, only 200 grams!

Easy to carry

Accepts standard sets of tubing for small animal therapy

Quick and easy to set up

Easy to clean

Over temperature protection Five alarms, including high and low temperature alarms

Two connection methods on infusion rack lanyard and holder

IV Fluid Warmer Veterinary TF-III Model Specifications

Equipment size: 180mm×70mm×35mm

Weight: ≈0.2KG (without knob); 0.4KG (with knob)

Display type: LED display

Applicable IV syringes: Specialized IV syringes or standard single PVC IV syringes (20 and 60d/mL, OD 3.4~4.5mm)

Temperature range: 35°C~42°C (95~107.6F), 0.1°C increments

Optional units: (°C) and (°F)

Temperature accuracy: ±1°C or ±1.8°F

Alarm rise time: <2 minutes

Overheat protection: 48°C

Alarms: overheat, low temperature, system error, door open, heating alert

Input voltage: 100-240V

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Power: 85VA

TF-II Fluid Warmer Veterinary 


TF-II Fluid Warmer Veterinary Features

TF-II Fluid Warmer Veterinary uses advanced and intelligent technology to quickly bring the temperature level of the fluid to the patient's temperature.

1. Easy to carry and easy to use.

2. Automatic operation after power on, no special training required.

3. Can be set up within 1 minute at most.

4. Highly accurate digital temperature control.

5. Infusion is automatically adjusted to the set temperature in a short time.

  Audible and visual alarm mechanism prevents high temperature.

  Automatic power off protects the patient from overheating of the liquid.

6. Save your cost because no special disposable set is needed. ET-TF-II only needs to be used with standard infusion tubes.

TF-II Fluid Warmer Veterinar Specifications

Tube Size: 3.0~ 5.0mm(please remark in your order for Size 5.Omm )

Flow Rate: KOV~600ml/hour (primary temperature span: 30 "C-41V)

Max. : 720ml/hour

Over Temperature: 42°C alarming with sound and light, 44°C power off

Power: 11OV±11V (AC) or 220V±23V (AC) Max. 70W, 50±2%Hz

Classification: Class I / Type B

Operation Conditions: 5~40C; Relative humidity: < 80%

Packing Size: 36.5xl55xl25cm

Net Weight: 600g

CE: CE0434, Class lib

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