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Efficiency, speed and reliability are key factors in veterinary centrifuges, and at Wondcon, you'll find the perfect model. Whether you need to spin blood, urine, microscopic blood cells or fecal samples, our Veterinary Centrifuge will provide the right option for your practice. We know that due to the demands of your work, you need a versatile Veterinary Centrifuge. 

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Check out our catalog below, or contact Wondcon can help you sort through all of our great models and determine the best fit. Whether you're looking to wholesale or purchase a single Veterinary Centrifuge, you're sure to find the economy and efficiency you're looking for at Wondcon.

Wondcon Veterinary Centrifuges - Efficiency, Speed and Reliability

Chosen for their ability to withstand the daily stresses of a busy veterinary clinic laboratory, ease of use and affordability, Wondcon benchtop veterinary centrifuges offer a complete solution for all your sample separation needs.

From small, quiet, single high-speed mini-centrifuges (with interchangeable microtubes and hematocrit rotors) to the more advanced Veterinary Centrifuge (brushless motor, multiple combination hematocrit/microtubule rotors and pre-programmed easy-to-use design), these centrifuges can meet all your needs.

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