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Veterinary Autoclaves and Sterilizers

In most veterinary practices, the primary method of sterilization is steam sterilization by gravity displacement autoclaving. Prior to steam sterilization, all instruments should be thoroughly cleaned, lubricated and properly packaged. Ratchet-opening autoclaved instruments help prevent case lock breakage and ensure proper steam penetration.

Veterinary Autoclaves and Sterilizers

Cost-effective solutions for your veterinary practice

Budget Friendly Manual Autoclaves

If you are opening a new veterinary practice or just looking for an affordable autoclave, then check out Wondcon's value-for-money solutions for good sterilization solutions.

High Performance Veterinary Autoclaves

In a busy veterinary facility where you are often working under pressure, maximize your workflow with a Class B autoclave. Reduce the time required to operate the autoclave and sterilize equipment, providing quick care for animals.