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Veterinary ICU Incubator

Pet ICU incubator for cats, dogs, hedgehogs and other mammals. Intelligent reinforced box for newborn cats and dogs, frail and sickly mammals that need to be kept at a temperature of 28-32 degrees C. The veterinary incubator is equipped with good PVC insulation, disinfected with UV germicidal lamps, purified air with negative ion air purification lamps, and deodorized with powerful ventilation fans. 

The veterinary incubator is indicated for post-operative recovery, shock, head injury, neurological disorders, tissue hypoxia, cardiopulmonary disorders, and many other symptoms and conditions. The veterinary incubator provides the most comfortable medical environment for animal patients to help them recover faster.

Veterinary incubator

The veterinary incubator will keep your puppy alive. Newborn puppies are unable to regulate their body temperature and the mother's warmth can only spread so weakly, often leaving smaller puppies cold and exposed, increasing the chances of death. Ideal for breeds with breathing problems.

Protecting your newborn

Puppies are especially vulnerable to potentially fatal hypothermia. In addition, puppies with colds are more susceptible to illness and infection, and colds can adversely affect their development, especially when they are at their most vulnerable. 

In addition, puppies are unable to regulate their body temperature and do not shiver, making it nearly impossible to tell if they are cold by looking at them. This puppy incubator care unit provides a safe, warm, dry environment to keep puppies happy and healthy during the first few weeks of life. It is especially useful for large litters where the mother may not be able to keep them warm, and can be used to safely keep smaller puppies warm in sheltered or smaller litters. It allows you to provide special care and increase their chances of survival.

1. It can also be used for sick or injured animals that require isolation and treatment

2. It specifically helps puppies by regulating core body temperature, which can lead to disease and organ failure if not properly regulated

3. It provides a sterile, warm environment with proper temperature and humidity regulation

4. In addition, it can be used as a nebulization chamber (a chamber that allows medication to flow through the liquid into the aerosol for pressurized treatment - just like asthma patients need). 

5. Nebulizer chambers can treat conditions that require medication, such as upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, breast aspiration or other conditions

6. A nebulizer pump and adapter are required to use this unit as a nebulizer chamber and are purchased separately

7. It can also be used as an oxygen chamber, allowing supplemental oxygen to be added to the device (oxygen adapter and oxygen concentrator purchased separately)

8. Supplemental oxygen may be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including underdeveloped lungs, premature birth of puppies or kittens, or other illnesses that cause breathing problems


Beautiful and sturdy, equipped with a microcomputer intelligent temperature controller, according to the needs of pets. Power saving.

Autumn and winter season can be adjusted by adjusting the temperature of the thermostat to control the temperature required by the pet.

Summer can be used without heating lamps and natural heat to do ordinary breeding boxes.

The temperature can be adjusted by turning on the light in spring and winter.

You can turn on the fan for ventilation.

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