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Providing solutions to lighting problems in veterinary surgery

Quality lighting is an important factor, not to be neglected, when performing surgery or an examination. It can either be a helpful device or an irritation.

Lighting for a veterinary clinic or hospital facility must be very specific to not only the needs of physicians and staff but also to their animal patients. With adjustable light levels and dimming capabilities, the physician can put animals at ease during the examination. High quality lighting is imperative when conducting a veterinary examination, minor procedure or in a surgery. Veterinary exam lights should produce accurate color temperature and rendering, have no heat radiation towards the patient, and provide a beam angle and adaptable arm that allow it to be positioned correctly and without drifting. 

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If you are tired of being uncomfortable in the heat of halogen light, take a look at our line of LED surgery and exam lights. At Wondcon, we offer lighting solutions for all veterinary work, with free quotations and delivery lead times!

Engineering Meets Science Meets Medicine

No one else in the industry goes to the extremes of engineering like we do. But what we do is bring perfection to medical lighting. In developing our lights, we strive to create the purest, most uniform white light possible, taking into account not only how LEDs work, but also how the human eye perceives color. The result is a superior optical technology that sets a new standard for surgical and medical lighting.

Advantages of choosing Wondcon

Wondcon offers affordable and stable veterinary surgical LED lights, prompt after-sales service, fast delivery, few breakdowns, one-stop shopping, and solutions to your concerns within 24 hours. Wondcon provides assistance to dealers, foreign trade companies, factories, hospitals, veterinarians, medical workers in colleges! We have exported to Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Japan, etc.

Wondcon carries several lighting options for your clinic’s needs. From surgery lights, to diagnostic lights, we have a large variety that will suit your needs and budget. All of our systems of veterinary lights are available wall-mount, ceiling-mount and mobile, depending on your space and needs. We carry the most effective and high quality veterinary lights on the market: SHL 123 LED Veterinary Surgical HeadlightVeterinary Surgical Light Wondcon OSL 317 and Veterinary Surgical Light Wondcon OSL 316.

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