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WMV-3000 Veterinary Bone Drill system


Microtype surgical power tools:For application in spinal surgery and plastic surgery. 

Refined design,the machine is autoclavagle,

motor is imported,low noise,high speed,long service life.




Power tool 3001 

Output power ≥30W 

Peak torque 0.5N.m 

Speed 20000-40000RPM 

Temperature rise <25°C 

Noise ≤40db

System 3000 Features

System 3000 Power cable with various attachments. 

Stable AC power supply, unique lightweight design quick cup-link attachment syscern, 

allows operation use single-handed. 

Applicable for cutting and rearming for veterinary orthopedic surgery. 

High RPM up co 30K. Providing straight and 30 degree curved handle adapter facilitating insertion 

in tricky or challenging situations. Matte finish prevents high reflection in operating suite. 

High reflective devices may be che cause of possible 

optical irritation during surgical teams 

①3001 Power console 

②3300 Handpiece 

③3309 Reciprocating saw attachment 

④3301 Sagittal saw attachment 

⑤3302 Adaptor 

⑥3205High - speed milling attachment 

⑦3203 Angled attachment 

⑧3202 Straight attachment

WMV-3000 Veterinary Bone Drill system